Saturday, April 18, 2009


Wooohoo!Thanks to my trusty Mac friend, we're back in business!!! Took a long time (5 days without my laptop! ACK!!!) and small dent out of savings (to buy the newest OS), but my baby is back with a new look! Leopard is a huge difference from Tiger and I am not looking back what. so. ever.

Other then that horrible experience, not much else has been going on. Mixed some clay colors in preparation for a few projects but that's about it. Our guest is leaving on Tuesday though, so then I'll be free to start stuff ^‿‿^

Hm..... Sorry for the boring post. It's even more boring then I expected....

*clears throat*

..... <‿‿<

..... >‿‿>

*points frantically behind you* Look! Eye candy!

......*sprints away while you're distracted* >‿‿◕

~ MintyFresh

Ps. That picture was taken in Yorktown on a historical battlefield tour. Such a beautiful drive!


So happy that my laptop is working again!

Listening to: "Grace Kelly" by Mika
Reading: Nothing
Watching: "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
Making: Nothing
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Arizona Sweet Tea (Mmmmm x])

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