Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wouldn't it just figure....

... that I would go and buy batteries for my camera, take some lovely pictures, & then not be able to find the cord.


Sooooo anyway! my craft stuff came! All 3 boxes within 15 minutes of each other, too! FTW, package delivery services! F. T. W *applauds*. I should have taken a picture of the incredible packing skills of Seriously.... They packed an incredible amount of stuff into VERY small box. Amazing.

Let us move on....

I have a bad case of CreativeBlockitis. I think it's because now that I got all my supplies for many different crafts, I'm not sure where to begin. What does anyone think (asumming that anyone reads this blog)? We have book binding, polymerclay-ing, beading, wire working, sewing.....? I'm also considering getting back into drawing/painting. I haden't been on DeviantArt in about two years and dang if I didn't forget how many incredible things are on there! Always get super inspired which right now, only adds to the brainclog heh >‿‿<

Thanx for stopping by to read my rambling! I promise there will be actual things of interest soon ^‿‿^

~ Minty Fresh

Ps. Hopefully picture to be added later, once I find the elusive cord :]



In Denial About Cleaning

Listening to: "Nobody" by Wonder Girls
Reading: Emails
Watching: "The Guild" on youtube :]
Making: Bread in the Breadmaker :]
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Lipton Sparkling Green Tea (Berry)

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