Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am...

... obsessively tracking my art/craft stuff on the FedEx/USPS websites right now....

Is that sad or WHAT? Gah! I hate waiting for supplies X__x lol.

Hopefully I'll have my etsy shop open soon, but I'm not sure. My goal was this spring, but it's already been pushed to summer due to the many MANY visitors we're going to get this year. O the joys of being new homeowners lol. Well it's not like I have a social life... should be able to find time haha ◕‿‿◕

My other problem is trying to figure out what items I want to fill my shop with the MOST. If I did EVERYTHING I wanted to do, I would go crazy. Not so great in the "organizing my own thoughts" area haha. Not to mention people probably being scared off by the psycho eclecticness of it all *facepalm*

People always tell me I think too much into things like this, but I don't think they understand that the success of an online craft store would be the partial fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I'm not even joking. I've always wanted to do three things. Be happily married, make a little extra moneyz doing things I love, and own a pet otter. One down, two to go >‿‿< *Hint: I do not own a pet otter lol*

Ah well. It'll all come together eventually! New deadline being early summer! I best get a moooove on!

~ MintyFresh



Hating Deadlines

Listening to: "Love Grows" by Edison Lighthouse
a HTML tutorial
Watching: the tracking status on my craft supplies (lulz)
Lipton Sparkling Green Tea (Berry)

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